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300W DC 12V Foldable Solar Panel Portable Outdoor Flexible Solar Panel For Camping Boat RV Travel Home Car Solar panel kits

300W DC 12V Foldable Solar Panel Portable Outdoor Flexible Solar Panel For Camping Boat RV Travel Home Car Solar panel kits

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  • Brand Name : luxuglow
  • Origin : Mainland China
  • Number of Panels : 4
  • Flexible Solar Panel : Yes
  • Foldable Solar Panel : Yes
  • Type : Solar Panel
  • Size : 1120*640mm
  • Material : Polycrystalline Silicon
  • Max. Power : 300W
  • Certification : CE
  • Measurement unit : 100000015
  • Sold in : sell_by_piece
  • each pack : 1
  • Package size - height (cm) : 3
  • Package size - length (cm) : 45
  • Package size - width (cm) : 21
  • Package weight : 2.800

With single crystal A-level chips, it can be used in automobiles, ships, motorcycles, household appliances, etc.

Adopting advanced polyethylene coating technology, the surface of the battery is coated with dark blue reflective film evenly, and the color is beautiful.

Light weight and easy to carry. High conversion rate and high output. High stability and good durability.

High conversion efficiency, good output efficiency, low light efficiency, light weight, easy to carry, and strong applicability.

Scratch-resistant, non-foaming, easy to clean.

Strong resistance, can withstand different environments, good waterproof performance.

All battery positive and negative electrodes are made of high-quality silver paste with high welding strength and low series resistance.

Scope of application: car batteries, automobiles, RVs, ships, airplanes, satellites, space stations, outdoor breeding, planting, tourism, solar street lights.


Solar battery folding package: 300W 12V high efficiency solar panel

Expanded size: 1120*640*3mm

Folding size: 280*640*18mm

No-load voltage: 18V DC

Short circuit current: 8500mA

Load voltage: 12V

Output current: 8330 mA (max)

Bare metal weight: 2470g

Package weight: 2700g

■How to use

1. First, use the solar panel to face the sun, and there is a red light on the back to indicate that the current output is normal.

2. It is more susceptible to sunlight when it is placed on the workbench at 45°, and the absorption effect will be better.

3. It can also be laid flat on the ground to work.


1. Before use, please ensure that the positive and negative poles of this product are connected to the corresponding ones of the load.

2. If there is no professional technical personnel, please do not try to change the circuit or use method of the product. We will not be responsible for disassembling the product or changing the circuit without authorization.

3. The best working time of the product: 9:00-17: 00 (the effect is better in sunny weather).

4. The 5V 2A charging current is small, mainly for extending battery life and slow charging; if you want a faster charging speed, please choose a larger current USB interface.


1. Please do not scratch the surface of the solar panel with sharp objects.

2. When charging the charger with solar energy, please place the solar panel facing up in direct sunlight to ensure the best charging effect.

3. Please do not put the charger in outdoor solar energy for emergency charging in rainy days, so as not to cause short circuit. USB downward waterproof IP65 rating.


Solar folding charger: 1

Controller: 1

Car cigarette lighter charging cable: 1

Battery alligator clip: 1

User manual

■Product description

The main function of this product is to charge electronic products such as batteries or mobile phones, cameras, GPS and other USB.

The charging method is very helpful to prolong the life of the battery. This charging method not only saves energy and protects the environment, but also maintains the service life of the battery. It can also perform slow charging to meet the needs of some low-power electronic products. Very suitable for outdoor work, travel or camping training.


Use of hydrochloric acid batteries, lithium batteries or USB charging electronic products such as mobile phones, cameras, GPS, etc.

Please use it in accordance with the manual. Any improper use will cause problems to the product. We will not be responsible for this. Thank you for your cooperation and understanding.

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